femur primarily and the acetabulum secondarily, or, more rarely, the
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and the thermo-electric apparatus applied as in the former
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their exhibition. If the ultimate particles of the struct-
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the only hope. All were victims of delay. I believe
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Under antiseptic dressings wounds need little attendance until the best hospital
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Habana. 1888, no. 31, 3; no. 32, 4; no. 34,9; no. 40, 7. Also:
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scrofula, the small-pox, and measles ; particular em-
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or subsiding altogether, after a certain duration; and recurrent^ disposed,
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opium into the jugular vein until the animal was entirely insensible — Professor
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diminution of animal heat. The sensation of cold communicated
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Fortunately, we do not believe the women of England would
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inner-city high school in Washington, DC. He told the
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been used previously. With sulphur in particular, mercurials form a
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assium iodide and colchicum to promote absorption of in-
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Profession upon the People and the Government especially of this country."
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5. Yellow wax 3 oz., common turpentine 3 oz., black pitch 1
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the spinal cord may previously escape such damage as will
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there is no good reason why at this juncture something should not be
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While it is not designed to underrate the actual in-
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Instances of the relation of protozoan parasites to
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observed to be almost in contact with the growth, it is sud-
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When the question of splenectomy comes up, the most important
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Case 3. — F., an insane man about 50 years old, had a chill
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beck resorted to subcutaneous section of bone for the purpose of
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but little material to awaken a common interest even on such
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Indeed, we do not hesitate to say, the best of its class
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fluence over the muscular fibre, and is hence valuable
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discoloration and nodular induration. The site of the inoculation in
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1875. J Vf OODWARD, Diagnosis of Red Blood-Corpuscles. 153
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Anatomical Characters Acute pericarditis may be either diffuse or
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