NOW READY, our new pamphlet entitled, "THE ISLANDS OF

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equipment in the British service, and the vehicles or other means

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Respiratory Organic Matter. — ^If a quantity of expired air

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But this can no longer be regarded as satisfactory, especially when we

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port that at the end of a few months she was able to walk

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(c) Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture.

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become cloudy on standing. I aspirated the contents of the

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the records during daily rounds as well as during case review.

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The only thing in the case which entitles it to be reported is the

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much confused, but the matter is clearly stated in a paper by Simpson himself,

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treatment of intestinal obstruction are the institu-

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strated in our laboratory by Birchard,^ who showed that in a representa-

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to chicken in total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol,

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glandular tissue. Double castration causes atrophy of the normal, but not

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shall allude to to-night, is the increase of sexual de-

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depth of about twelve inches and the space filled with

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met with in primary pneumococcic meningitis ; but in

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be a mistake for radiographers to confine themselves to any one method.

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adduced to show that daily coition does not necessarily