enormous number of psorosperms and spores that he de-
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ST. BARTHOLO.MEWS HOspiT\L.-Physician. Applications to Wm.
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or fiislocation of clavicle, liumerus, or bones of forearm. This was sub-
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BOYAi. Medical and Chiritrgical Society, 8..30 p.m.— Mr. Kendal
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room for Dr. Gould's small book. It is a handy volume of the
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pitient was able to take a fair amount of food after (he fiist few days,
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Thome Thome," lend some support to the idea that the case
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had been dependent on the eatiieter by reason of an enlarged
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woman, aged 40, who had had a strangulated hernia for three
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Webb, C. F., M.D.Durh., F.R.C.S., F.KC.P.Edin., M.R.C,8., reappointed
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St. Bartholotcew's. We again say that we wish to cast no
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spent, and as he scans the long list of honourable distinctions
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other local benches would do well to follow the example of the Liver-
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nevertheless, had no diarrhcea. In fact, the diarrhcea seemed
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subject in France is given succinctly by Wickham ; ^ Malassez
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prevails are to report their arrival to the police. Persons-
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applied once, and the post-mortem description shows
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generally, or rather with the decline of fever, the Registrar-
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nucleic acid. It occurs in Nature in the heads of the spermatozoa.
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seven weeks. He suggested that the phenomena were due to
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The temperature was essentially irregular, and was seen to
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their sense of the great value of his services to the Birmineham School
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the number of cases admitted during 1892 showed an in-
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when dealing with the statistics, ten months is nearer the
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excellent health, surprising her friends by her improved
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by apprenticesliip to the late Mr. Taylor Griffith, F.R.C.S.,
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sistent with its havirg been absorbed inutcro. as the time required for
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Advice to Intending Visitors to Cannes. By H. Blanc, M.D. London: J.
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"attempted suppression." There, as far as I am concerned,
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the works in which white lead or arsenic is used in the manufacture.
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similar mechanical principle, in the times when surgery had
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for the Leavesden Asylum for Imbeciles, near Watford, Herts ; doubly
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author, but inevitably associated with his want of medical
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165i. In this work (p. 400) the newly-coined word " irrita-
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Dr. J. J. Reinckb, who has discharged the duties of
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once brought face to face with another difficulty. AVe can-
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the case. Their occurrence (unlike the beginnings of an
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or hereditary substance of the metazoa and metaphyta, con-
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given after a party of emigrants perished there from thirst in
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occurred in cases where there was no true skin, and the sub-
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and rendered intelligible to us by these lettei's. This ol(5
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; He gqes on to point out that a favourable mortality experi-
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and it will be my duty in my next lecture to develop this
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to international proposals concerning river and inland
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They are alike in their independence of soil, water infection,
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.stration of hospitals and kindred institutions for a period of
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