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this, w^as recommended and employed even in amputations of the thigh.

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Lewis Smith's text-book went througli several editions, as did also

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normal pelvis. The angle at X^ (Fig. 16) is greater than the angle

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Moreschi noted the persistent absence of agglutinins in leukemic

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ney, viz., polyuria, albuminuria, casts, increased ar-

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the mujilage, and where more or less hemorrhage is pres-

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Before I dismiss this part of the subject, I wish to mention two cases

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if at all raised above the surface of the surrounding skin ; they fade some-

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sai-y for this. After the usual tapi^ing, he injects

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nite period of time. The patient will toss from one side of the

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transversalis fascia below,— it was for the purpose of more readily accom-