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play a prominent part in its pathology. The writer is inclined to regard

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aspirated, and fifty-six ounces of serum were removed.

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296. To relieve the constraint of the arms by changing their position, as

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aneurisms as they saw postmortem, had ruptured, filling the sur-

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from cold countries feel the heat on introduction to hot

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occiput and sinciput — does not, indeed, interfere with tlie normal

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of approbativeness is gratified ; and from this we derive a portion of the

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Dr. Edward A. Shumway said that one of the specimens of lacrimal con-

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will prove useful in bruises, sprains, boils, whitlows, and similar

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The patients may be propped up in bed usually from the seventh to the

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rest of the city until the embargo was removed. I find attached to his

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which often increases to most acute pain, and then affects the form of angina

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quantities, is capable of producing poisonous effects,

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sulted another doctor, who immediately explained in detail the

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tion of the strata, lying also upon the slightly inclined

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711. Shot^ Crust— Ingredients— >^ lb. of flour, 3 oz. of butter, 2 oz.

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even if it seems to be sweet; for it will become putrid before it

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These two points are of fundamental importance in the

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that the winters in Pennfylvania are lefs cold, and

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and safest of them, and the best and safest means in which they

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NMR facility, they should provide a tremendous research resource not only to our faculty

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later, in one of the bas« hospitals sufiering from shell-shock. After

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Returning to this country in the latter part of 1861, he settled

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severe mental shock, as great grief, the loss of property, or

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mentioned. There was considerable obscurity about the case alto-

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body politic and corporate by the same name forever."

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at irregular intervals ot weeks or months, or of a few days. In

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body, such as that which results from chronic kidney disease, in which

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condensed and partially assimilated form — to which we have strong

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1899 a.— Idem. Reprint, pp. 662-669. 8°. Jena. [Lib. Stiles.]

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formation of oxyhydrate continues, the carbonic acid is neutralised, and