results from the usual hardening processes ; it is therefore generally
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Treatment of ephemeral fever:— The chill is the first thing to bear
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patient. The majority of these tumors, however, are single, and may
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time to prosecute his professional studies, and avail himself more
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three days, which is unusual in typhoid fever. The general features are
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being voided from the bowel of a young woman, and about the same
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The Georgia Eclectic Medical Association will meet in Rep-
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in erysipelas. It had been employed exclusively in that form of
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experienced a numbness of the right arm, and most intense pain
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can prepare to be fully ready when the time comes for using that know-
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who practiced medicine in Huntingburg, Indiana. Dr.
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the sacrum as a guide, advance an inch, or even an inch and a
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extremely good ; where, however, the brain itself is at fault the results of
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emanating from stables, that the continuous and moderate
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after showing how large a constituent of the tooth, and especially
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8:30 Variety Night Continental Room, Hotel Saint Paul
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may be got into the waggons as early as possible, and the bearers
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warm fomentations to the chest, still maintaining the other pro-
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Regarding the treatment and results, I may add that the
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superior article. Every fluid ounce contains fifteen grains of magnesia in
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or but slightly indisposed ; the remaining three fifths were visibly
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The most common cause of barrenness on the part of the male is
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drops of an aqueous solution of methylene blue for the color
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ary buboes. Owing to the proximity of the inguinal glands to the primary
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Dr. Reese also called attention to the necessity of some radical change
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arsenicalis, three mimins for a child, and from five to six for an adult,
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according to the time of day. The temperature is ordinarily taken
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to wash the hands in the solution ; this has not yet produced