oil and laudanum), following this up by slightty stimulat-

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form of the inverted Y as recommended by Murphy and others,

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treatments may be required. This is accomplished without strapping,

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October 26 he had a chill with a sharp rise in temperature, and October 29

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EDES, Robert T., 76 Marlboro' St., Boston (Tele. 4041) —

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reign of the Roman emperor Clandius, about 42 a. d. He had fre-

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These are formed by enlargement and fusion of the spaces or

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drowsiness goes off, strong coffee, each cup cleared with the white of one egg.

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cold, sneezing, running at the nose even in the summer

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In the great majority of cases, probably in at least seventy per cent

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years, when it became almost permanent. His appetite began to fail,

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the Prussian army and suffered frequently from the symptoms mentioned above,

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ening of their coats, the veins appear as arteries when they are cut

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that the vowel sounds are made principally by the buccal

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post-mortems was made up by the two sexes, as follows : —

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4 boots, afterwards large 6, and now she wears large 8. At

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another, would be eliminated; that the forces of the world would

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the parts. They return, however, with advancing re-

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1888 c. — Idem. [Reviewed by Max. Braun] <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. u. Para-

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we had a number of other non-reactors, and these were of no