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draught, and armed with polemical weapons of so con-

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of temperature as a part of the lesion. At once we ask the ques-

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As an application, injection or wash it may well be' combined


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and proudest triumphs. For, following the lead of the il-

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quency of its occurrence, the Protean and variable appear-

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Indications. — Disorders of digestion in which alkaline agents

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ulceration than the silk thread, in preventing secondary hiomorrhage its

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warm baths, it included suspension by the heels, or placing

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The situation is gradually righting itself. The non-clinical scien-

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ful inoculation of cultures derived directly from human tissues.

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perature has declined from one-half to two degrees within a few

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the hands and feet cold and purplish, with fullness of tissues

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"In medicinal doses it relieves gastric irritation and assists

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Large spotted spurge is employed with great advantage in all

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80 in the minute. In some abdominal diseases, as ovarian tumor,

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September 28th. The swelling is gradually increasing,

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Erysipelas, — when the inflammation is confined to the skin ;

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vers ; malarial, hematuria ; neuralgias of malarial origin; acute

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The irritative condition calls for aconite, ipecac, matricaria,

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pulse rate. This disturbance of the proportion will not tell

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are rare ; varices and varicose ulcers are of frequent occur-

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skin, of cellular tissue, of mucous membrane, of tongue, which

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to determine how the virus of poliomyelitis leaves the body, how

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and ducts. Dr. T. Grainger Stewart ' is of the opinion that

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of tissue, echinacea should always constitute at least a part of

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and sixteenth centuries, and in more modern times ; Gar-

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to another, or from the dog coming in contact with objects

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convulsions, or paralysis of the respiration, although in most

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not on parts unfavorable to their healing, I have adopted

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are also often useful. These may be aided by the external use of

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On motion, the report of the special c<immittee was unani-

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Give an abundance of good clean bedding; -this will keep

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