in these days of advanced thought and desire of public enlightenment,
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regularly published in the Journal of the Association. He stated
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parts of the body no reaction resulted. Temperature 397° C. The
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Be this as it may, the presence of fluid near the heart is surely a con-
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failed, digitalis will usually, in these conditions, produce the expected
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This latter function was effected by the restraining or inhibitory attribute
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Wm. Roberts, M.D. The case of a man who had a Vesicular Erup-
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skin becoming yellow. .She at the same time had headache, nausea,
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what they really can ; and he most ingeniously illustrates this by an inte-
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him; 3. That the craving appetite, sinking sensations at the epigas-
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even weak brandy and water, was returned. I ordered effervescing
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draws an ^'^^""f^^"^^ j^f^*^ itf,, ^Ti? removed, returns through the veins
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equally stiff during the attack ; but the left soon became normal, the
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tain undulations so pass, while those of a different wave-length are in-
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with fluid, overlapped by the left lung (being to the full as much
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There are two varieties of iodide of potassium — the opaque crj'stals
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the heart beats faster and more strongly ; sometimes the contractions
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obliged to remain lying for a long time ; and (2) when an animal, in
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Brindley, Philip, Uiniversity College Maybury, W. A., St. Thomas's Hos-
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to the sickness of the poor. Whilst the matter in places is excellent,
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Suetonius of "nervorum valetudo " (Vesp. 7). But these writers probably
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refer to sanitary questions, to the prevention of zymotic diseases, to the