of drugs and hygiene is the ultimatum to which we should direct

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the use of other medicinal agents, and of the nsaal regime, for it has no specific

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external fwel lings, and appearances which particu-^

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possible to make a definite diagnosis as to the nature of the disease

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of criminals, prison wardens, and the police unanimously concede

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wounded at the battle of Gettysburg July 1st, 1863. The

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peared an article upon your Veterinary Department, which I make

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not seek medical advice until the malady is fairly well established.

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anxious to accept that explanation because it was a

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The incidence of carriers developing among the convalescents

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standpoint of those operators who deem it necessary to have

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later, in one of the bas« hospitals sufiering from shell-shock. After

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William Ferguson, in Ms "System of Practical Surgerj'-,"!

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primary force by which the animal is enabled, when well

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ployes and all patients who are hospitalized for more

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January i6th, 1893.— Chas. H. May, M.D. Paper: "A

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other instances there is, on the contrary, arrest of development. The expla-

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Hospital. B.S. 1978, Tufts University; M.D. 1983, State

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2. The value of careful general hygiene cannot be over-esti-

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i before the Norfolk District Medical Society, April 26, 1*87.

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to tetany, but with these differences : their duration is short, the tonic

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iproup, one patient attained the desired result, two patients

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flocky sediment is formed, after which the action is arrested entirely.

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tee it as being as fresh and Pure as any you ever had

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husband, and in the day when our gentle sisters become pro-

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The minority of physicians hare never employed any other than one

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PEREZ. " Orotava as a Health Resort." By George Victor Perez, M.B, Lond., M,R.C.S

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This is the frequently mentioned ochroleucus flowered form of this

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ferent branches of anatomical study may be arranged as follows:

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present patient's right foot was a kind of " frost-bite," but the patient

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is diluted the amount of fatty material is reduced to

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partial remedy has been found. On the other hand, it has been made

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It is indispensable for women during pregnancy and after confinement, as it prevents those bearing down

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not be materially reduced by alkaline citrates and car-

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Your parents will help you if you confide in them. Make up your mind

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ing reports of Medical Societies and Hospitals, Editorials, Bevlews, Cor-

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There are two kinds of inflammation — common and specific.

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individual symptoms. Pain, tenderness over the pubes and in the-

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Dr. Greenhill, deserves gi-eat credit for the pains he

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Presently she spoke again. " Shall you be using the team