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Lactophenine. — The Paris Journal de Medicine devotes a whole page
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precipitates. It may follow soon after an acute attack, or
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an increase in the total number of leucocytes that a
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above paragraph. The result is that so many people are concerned
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cause. The blue line on the gums, the tenderness, and the early paresis
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First urine clear and free from albumin. Under tonic treatment
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skin and venereal affections. His book — of which this is the third
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head suddenly ; he thinks this attack lasted fifteen
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The Importance of a More Radical Operation in Carci-
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of about thirty, who had been run over by a heavy wheel, strip-
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cessation of existing cystitis, subsidence of the congestive oedema of the
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veterinarians are of much benefit to the public, so is it beyond all
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Fourth Class : — Percussion Sounds — High — Low. — Variations in
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Austrian physician, by applying carbolic acid gas at a tempera-
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erinary College, Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday, Dec. 23d,
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is, therefore, thrown upon the diaphragm in the very years when
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and of the Surgical Section of the Great International Medical Congress of
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stopped, and to all around she appeared dead. Galvanism was
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paraplegia in connection with Pott's caries, but these are
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chyma. The less the alcohol is diluted, the greater is its irritant
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filtration rate and a capacity to secrete urea. In renal artery
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bor like the wheel of a mill in back water, the foun-
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spongy gums in berberi ; in scurvy there is no evidence of peripheral
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value to the hygienist. It enables him to explain the
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Dr. POYNTON said that the second case was so rare that it would be
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is now administered by the Resources and Manpower Development
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draineti successfully ; an occaHional tumor may be huc-
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alive, magnetic, successful person whose very presence is a delight
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generation to generation. Such books might also become
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has been shown to capacity houses in various cities and towns in Ontario