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First — That it takes too long to effect a cure, owing
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stocking, a cross in iiopeless love ; yet philosophers liave
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Frerichs and Litzmann ascribe it to an intoxication of the blood
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the twenty-third day, with a slight granulating wound.
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],fi J ^ri* 1 lUtt:it iration, no* on the cerebral functions; but
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of the iniurv. Where the cellular membrane is dense, the ecchymosis, caUru
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was exposed to bad weather, took a chill and suffered from
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an<l arseniuretted hydrogen. It is in this category that
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whether all cases have a distinct myocardial lesion, but from a
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physical absorption in the cells and plasma. The arterial plasma is
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Milk diet, avoiding all stimulants. Tincture of Iron in 20-drop
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Dr. E. P. Colby, of Wakefield, for examination with reference
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tional Institutions ami General Readers. Fully illua
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food. Sometimes a swelling of the glands of the throat formed
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his address before the Canada Medical Association is alluded
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received his diploma in 1878. He located and practiced his profes-
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1DD + 2D(R) + 1RR. Pourth line, pure extracted dominant to the extreme left,
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the earliest period down to the present time. His great desire
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Much difference of opinion exists as to the best time for exercise.
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skin upon the dorsal aspect of the hands, the upper part of the trunk, and
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Nephrotic Syndrome, Jour. Pediat. 17:595-615 (Nov.)
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the present case the patient was able in six weeks to
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pathic" peritonitis. To attribute it to cold, dietetic
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four grains of the muriate, in ointment, was again rub-
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ance. When seen by the author he was in bed. He w-as
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kbe point whence the pain emanates. The tenderness and constant pain
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ITie common bile-duct was filled with mucus, and to this
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as he was one of the ablest and most zealous medical re-
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to me on my asking him as to its age, wrote as follows : " The
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tenance of your health and happiness and the welfare of your family.
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sion in a hot bath, which is often most serviceable in gout,
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teaching his pupil properly : but he deserves our con-
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last epidemics being at l'Herault (1865), and Poitou (1888), Charente and
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was proposed, and also it was suggested that calomel and
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family history is also good. I took the case to Dr. F. F.
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labour to the body of practitioners will be more than com-