but the aim of the law should be protective and pre-

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difficulty is experienced in withdrawing it. The appearance

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occurrence of quickening of the pulse rate and peri-

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He was born in Franeonia, N. II , graduated from the Dart-

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that *^ it is an old, but a becoming and modest thought,

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panied with a more profound degree of cutaneous dis-

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healing of wounds that the patient should have good

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attendant upon phlebitis, a lymphangitis, or associated with

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The total of cases reported for the quarter at these two points was 895 ;

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opening, is also but seldom found otherwise than healthy. When

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4th. To regulate the s)\stem of apprenticeship and employment so as

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it reaches it. And in bringing his finger to his nose, the patient may

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it is of importance to make the healthy organs subserve the pur-

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the history of heredity, which in ordinary chorea is very rare ; also by the

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more convenient than injections, and opium or belladonna used

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can already say that the new remedy is assured a permanent position in

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be one of pronation or of supination ; more rarely of flexion or extension

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In gall stone colic a history may be obtained of previous

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particularly as regards a prognosis. In this case, although

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produced by the addition of pyrophosphate of iron to a solution

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absolutely impossible, namely, heat over eighty degrees acting on vegetable sub-

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symptom, and on December 16th he was well enough to be dis-

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ficial bone : thus on the cord felt running across the border of the lower jaw

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were taken ; these did not demonstrate any morbid condition. The

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thicker and coarser. This is in addition to the finer summer

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'Yes, sir.' 'Why, then, sir,' said Mr. Hunter, 'if I

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the tumor by puncturing the abdomen on each side with steel electrodes

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placed in the neck and lower part of the spine. Patients in whom this treat-

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cepting during the sunny weather. A grid is put across a 2 foot

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givecredit for time spent with us. Next session opens September 7th. For particulars, address

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throat and slight gastritis ; but was dismissed cured on the eleventh da^.