The Jacksonian prize of the London College of Surgeons. The
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the supposition, that the mixed syphilo-mercurial disease had
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Benjamin D. Paul, of Indianapolis, Ind., aged thirty-one ■
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til it may become positive, and as a result the heart
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a digest of all war articles of the allied countries,
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tamly is contrary to theoretical American ideals and
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S. G. DE LA MATER, M. D., Duanesburg, Schenectady County.
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Thursday, March rsth. — Academy of Surgery; .^scu-
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age is iTisufficietit. When used, the internal ends
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in other parts. 1 lowever, the state of repose in which the body
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the exudative diathesis, adenoids and enlarged ton-
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place in our hospital during my residence, so as to enable all