careful selection, the treatment falling into discredit if

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affects the seventh cranial nerve. It is generally the result

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presented the appearance of a truncated cone, with the cord

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coagulation can be obtained from cells as diverse as those in

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lSft2. p. 10S7, under the heading of "Repeated Inquiries on the Same

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It appears to be trifling with the authority which the Pltarina-

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by thyroid gland feeding. At first she had taken two whole

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is natural enough, all the more that these are questions upon

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experiments made by the first Chloroform Commission

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not convincing, and it must be remembered that as late as

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chester ; John T. Nisbet, M.B., Liverpool: Andrea C. F.

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he was a man of a particularly phlegmatic disposition, and dur-

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not even these signs. are present. In contracted cavity cases

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three tons of wood soaked with kerosene. A light was applied by Dr.

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period after taking aygestin

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other. We must await further experiments before this matter

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nomenon, and referred to cases previously reported by Oppen-

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Graduates who have held for five years the degree of B.Sc. may offer

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done on the main building. When all was completed they could take in

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The great principle recognised in the Margerine Act and the statutes

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leprosy is not inoculable, and that the only danger of trans-

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per annum. Applicatious to William Thos. Cole, Secretary, bv April

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carbonic acid gas locked up in the proteids hence given off

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places, small-pox was a disease of infancy ; in the present

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by Her Majesty's <;bief Inspector of Factories, R. E. Sprague Oram,

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utilised.' In the treatises en the History of Medicine by

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1. riic Hiernijliipliic— This was employed chiefly on monuments, con-

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with inhabitants, and that this favoured the spread of the

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Henry Waghorn, late Army Medical Staff. Aged ab years.

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any definite cause. Fifty of the cases occurred under the age

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reached 100, previously having been 72. Both temperature

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any guarantee that they would then be accepted ; whether without the

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there had been a singular absence of symptoms referable to

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should not be forgotten that the department in which Sir AV.

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