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this form of cold insult,” Doctor Mills said. “It

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treatment June 2, 1901, and three times weekly till July 25,

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baths. The cutaneous stimulation must be methodical and constant

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five years ago, for which the three outer metatarsal bones were removed. The

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Medical Lectures, with their scrap of paper tied round. I was

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unnecessarily expose the friends of his phthisical patients to a

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editor, had me write a column on the larger issue of Death

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by preventing any foreign material from getting into the wound.

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IUD Appendicitis During Pregnancy. David I. McLaughlin.

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was always discontinued, fearing nephritic complications.

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utility. *' Of what use,'' it is asked, '' to accumulate books that neither

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in the products of digestion induced by the agency of an organism,

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supposed to be due to a special ferment. The speaker

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country who go out with guns. They mutilate and half-

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has drawn are so clinically faithful, and so graphic, that I shall

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Harbert, J. C. , and Ashburn, W. L. : Radios trontium bone scanning in