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ing. Xow, if the food had entered the stomach, it would be suggested, and reasonably so, to any one
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body. There was no pulsation at the wrist, temporal artery,
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opium in strangulated hernia and in ileus ; and al-
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tubercular meningitis, the result of chronic disease
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cases, if the pus, which is incessantly renewed, did
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ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. [British iVIedical Journal.
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terior border of the left lung, and to its corresponding bron-
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to take fliiids, such as beef-tea, water, milic, or thin
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the lids. The upper lid was considerably thickened at
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— ihat we, the guardians of the Clogheen Union, ten years a notable exemption from epidemics of
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practical medical knowledge is obviously the fruit of
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corn starch be subjected to this treatment, it becomes
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for a headstone on the grave of a favourite terrier,
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of its action. The following is a short abstract of his
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tion ■• Editoe.] Pathological preparations were
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been removed. One-half of the effusion of blood had been ab-
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a book, might be seen moving on to the lecture-room, where
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master in natural history, not also in science proper,
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habitual drunkards,' it raduced other well known in-
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tion. But eggs of this kind, it appears, require at
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eflusion from inflammation within the cranium — there was
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vestigations in many cases quite unknown to our predecessors.
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spine : this pain was relieved by pressure, but increased by
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advantage appears to be the leaving behind a certain
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who may have occasion to stay at Valetta, will find
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ply a given volume of water, and find their only source
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life, is not to find out new things, but to make the
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'Of these exoteric qualifications, some are outward and
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the system here, to demonstrate its utility elsewhere.
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stock on hand of the large edition is 103 out of 13000
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ought to, "be prevented by legislative enactments. The nutlior