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reviewing the world-wide literature in complementary medicine. Two comprehensive databases
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the author to prove the efficacy of blood-letting. Says Dr. Payne:
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symptoms should rise again after the first local bleeding, the remedy
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lower limits, but peculiarly, in the case of typhoid at least, the
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lism maintained for months or years at the high level which it occupies in
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authorities above mentioned wrong in their deductions,
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of filling the vagina with ice water until I was ready
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noticed such as is experienced when using X-rays or Coley's toxins for
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Symptomatology: — When the condition is primary, the
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Gemc varum. — Definition. — Genu varum is that condition of the legs in
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peritoneum, but seeks an exit as above stated — through the
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the cord, or they may have been regenarated fibers growing from
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probably universal fatality, there being no authentic case of
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the excitability of the nervous mechanism through which it
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ment, a period too short to determine final results.
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does not occur; the most common of these after-effects are permanent
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After nearly thirty years. Dr. Charlton Bastian, famous for his contro-
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The connective tissue was more than twice the amount