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the lesions of the supra-renal capsules and the bronzed disease.

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weight of the article are supposed to be annually consumed in Great Britain alone. The

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indirectly by means of association fibers.' ' (Barker: The Ner-

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Katzenstein studied the question experimentally and compels us to

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animals, provided that the organism used in preparing the serum is

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Hospital. B.S. L9 '. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,

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February, 50 in March, and 23 in April. About 25 of the admissions

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The crowd howled for blood, and Frederick's voice was lost in the din which prevailed. It has leaked out that

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and tie these tails tight enough to prevent slipping (Figs. 45, 46).

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grave. In favourable cases signs of return to consciousness begin to show

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bring the milk up to standard is a necessary precaution,