much, if only the child were allowed enough oxygen. Of course, too little food is

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a uniform cloudiness to the liquid within twenty-four hours. If the

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patient swallow anything while in this state of insensibility, as

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or pustules, and the evolution of the eruption is slower than small-pox.

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lege of advertising himself as a " professor " was ample compen-

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eclectic, and pneumatic sects, divided in their opin-

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she was again pregnant. With Dr Clark's assistance, I carefully

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the men connected with "University College, Hospital and

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vector for the disease. 2 Following the tick bite, the incuba-

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or by the bladder, or, lastly, they may have become incorporated

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In one I did a hysterectomy and found the fetus ly-

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months, and has not had an attack in over three months.

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lessened chances of infection, by Hunter's method, offset the other

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raw linseed oil, if the horse has to be worked steadily

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mouth, contrary to general opinion, is generally dry. Also, in

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The subject of the topography of the disease, of the micro-

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standing powerful restoratives, the patient died in three hours. No post-mor-

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months should, if doing well, be double that at birth. At

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art; and if effective work is to be done it must be undertaken with

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ing, however. It is a mistake to designate him as the founder of a

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body, to which much attention has been paid, the " crescent "of Laveran.

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opening, is also but seldom found otherwise than healthy. When

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under the subject of disinfection, and in the chapter dealing

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and measures in the writing and reading of prescriptions. In

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today. The practitioner who allows himself to give powerful drugs in

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1861 b. — Listrophorus Leuckarti. Ein neues Milbengeschlecbt <Ztschr. f. wis-

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a central globular and slightly cystic swelling, which extends from the

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which quinia had been given unsuccessfully, 91 recovered under the use of

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do not object to the taste, this is a good mode of using

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> Commanioat«d to th« Sooi^ti de Chirorgie, Parif.

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aches is to keep as quiet as possible. His tongue is usually coated,