six of the cases. The gonococci disappeared in one day in two cases, in

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whose cognomen of Caecus was given to him because he

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tardation of metabolic function as measured by the change in the

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City being 313,526, Rathmines 37,528, Pembroke 29,368, Black-

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home, a distance of ten miles into the country; also gave him a

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with Sections 3 of Acts of Congress of August 30, 1890, and

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quantities. It might appear, that what I have just said contradicts

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half of the deaths which occur every year, and yet we do not prevent

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the child's digestive functions meet us half way, and thereby

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require attention. In some cases the upper portion of the urinary

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foetid. The solution used for washing out may be a two or three

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labor, cinchonisrn is in a most valuable degree prophylactic

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B. St. J., 103; an efficient powder-blower, with remarks on the use

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cepted are considered as on probation regarding their

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Table II. — Frequency of Gastric Ulcer based on Autopsy.

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the forceps should be handed to the surgeon; the assistant then

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implanted in the economy with the breath of life, and

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ve often find a diphteric condition, but this is not diphtheria.

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but temporary,' relief to the pain. As a last resort, and as an

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tures and public surgical operations performed in the -amphitheatres of our

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every point against the evils of irresponsible ignorance and

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of the left internal carotid necessitates the application of a ligature

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matter round the opening, in consequence of the continued irrita-

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numbers of animals in a short space of time, and destroying

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and one ; from whooping-cough, 2, 5, and one ; from measles,

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ExPEKiMENT 2. — Full-grown rabbit. 0.5 c. c. 24-hour anaerobic sugar

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every part. I have, therefore, some personal justifica-

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and parallel to it, where the fluid is discharged drop by

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otomy knife (see cut of instruments), and is introduced into the