ical trouble may exist, while cheerfulness, or, at least, an undisturb-
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Ten candidates were examined, and recommended !"• >r the Degree ■ • t Doctor in
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based 12-step program (e.g., AA or NA) and the opportunity to observe electroconvulsive
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who boasted of the extent of his practice, while his but-
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they are more or less unitary in character. We see one merge
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dissolve with a gentle heat, and when nearly cold, add
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1895 a.— Neue Beit rage zur Kenntniss parasitischer Vorticellen Deutsche Med.-
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the Temple of Asklepios at the Piraeus. The serpent
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col 4.. lin. 1 9* {lega) lapidem Angularem fiindata in concemptu habere-
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or immediately, from the operation ? In the reviewer's table of sixty American
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turbinated hypertrophies, nasal polyps, growths from the
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is usually injected subcutaneously over the forehead as a local
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coexisting with gangrene of the pulmonary tissue. It is probable, that
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not Uie power to elevate the arm. Tne upper limit of the
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sight and brain by sneezing ; and those who sneeze often are
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thinking he might have a rebate coming from the swappers. I
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gangrene over the great toe and the heel. Pulsation was absent in the
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It appears from the experiments of Dr. Christison, that the urine
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from irritating substances floating therein, as dust, etc.
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the polyclinic, Drs. Haas and Gratz, of a large variety
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mischievous one because it leads to the idea that we can
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peritonitis in the mouse produced by a pseudotuberculosis bacillus. It was
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as no information is given regarding the prevalence of the disease
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97cL Cast of the Left Foot of a Child showing Congenital Talipes Calcaneus.
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Treatment. — The part must first be sponged, or, rather, washed,
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■cal laboratories of the university, and also at Owens Col-
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fore-leg, the foot became ulcerated and sloughed off, and the
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cular case, what is to be done ? There are four remedies on which,
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case a gumma was found in the heart of a child, and there was no evidence of
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ders diuresis. A hard bounding pulse and hot skin favour
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eases since in many, which are not feverish, a dietary table
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be able to occupy his proper position in society. Men with this as their chief ambition are too often failures,