Banks and Barry have charge of the building intended for
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thing definite concerning this. The reduced virulence oi the
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general anaesthesia, and to perform the operation un-
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diameters the indices would not have been the same.
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sions of the sky, which are seen within two of the disks. The souls of the
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ferred to the source of gratification to the fellows of the
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partment for prevention of hydrophobia, and many hospitals for
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Hansen, hold that the bacilli are almost invariably
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Medical Society of City Hospital Alumni. [See Tr. M. Soc. City
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the difficult and exhausting respiration during sleep in young children.
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the water cooled tube, the vacuum re- t^e rapid recovery of the patient through
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deformity were both liable to occur unless protection was given to the
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marked prostration and muscular soreness. Injection of the conjunctivae and
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abdominal cavity, while in the latter, extending halfway between the umbilicus
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cient inflammatory action may take place around the circumference
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me a few weeks ago by Dr. Baker : A man was thought to have con-
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operation, when fa;cal matters and chyle began to be
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2. Isolated sponilation forms in markedly shrunken blood-corpuscles.
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ments caused the tumor to fall out of bed and it dragged
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no means uncommon, and one of which you on^ht therefore to be
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the Eustachian tube, when the ordinary secondary changes will take place
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treated with VASOTEC alone. Increases are more likely to occur inpatients receiving concomitant diuretics or in patients
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and when the crust is removed ulceration is often present in some of the
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1 liter of lukewarm water through a rectal tube); the funnel is then lowered
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respiratory movements, we should mention the fact that in rare cases
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of muscles which, unstretched and treated, might be of some
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the surface clearly defined like drops of water on a greasy surface.
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joining laboratory. Women’s Care is proud of its comprehensive
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respects so imperfect that they greatly limit the useful-
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viation alone fhall be particularly noticed, which, as illuftrating
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Dorothy Edwards, B.S., M.D., Douglas Smith Fellow in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
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buted to accidental causes. This would- make the percentage less than 4 per
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ment. The fragment had been torn ofiE apparently by a
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were uncertain in their application. The comparison revealed
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front of the abdomen and effusion into the left pleura. The
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sought in race. When it is recollected that the consummation of marriage among
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The gas was shut off. The door was opened and a window
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there comes a time, or a condition, when it is no longer available,
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that he is eligible for any Poor-law appointment in
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especially upon chancres, upon soft chancres in particular.
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and it includes practicians of all schools of therapeutics. It will
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of complete necrosis. At C is shown a junctional tubule distended with necrotic
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vulvo-urethral neoplasms — ^az., the " papillomatous growths which may be
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xxxv, 58-63. —CrasKzariiii (A.) Contribiito alio studio
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the one he is logically bound to abandon the other. Dr.