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year-old horse has worked for four hours and coming home has

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translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. We encourage the

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This, it must be confessed, is not only important, but unfortunately

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rhcea, for in the dual struggle between the hair bulbs and the sebaceous

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Tincture of Ginger, L. — Bruised ginger, 2 J oz., rcctiGed

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according to the consti:ution of the patient, may exploae. If the organic

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my series, whose leg had been bandaged for 24 hours, is not

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professional schools, or to continue their course of

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Bertrand J. Bensam, MD, Medical Director • Stan Shepard, Administrator

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crements be hard, they will be with difficulty forced

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to securing the services of Mr. Reed, with his two teams

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Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur will be at home in Randolph, N. Y. after

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peritcted, there were a number of serious complications,

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dilution of phosphorus." Dr. Henderson said, "that all dilutions from

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of Rare Skin Diseases which presented features common to impetigo herpeti-

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sketch by a layman friend we have, and his own writings.

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sufficiently to produce hydrocephalus from obstruction of the

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many cases, a reflex action, taking place between homologous parts, as Brown-

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tion and potential, and properties of matter. Energy of

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her side, or in her attempts to prevent it from falling. The

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they should be arranged so as to get the least amount, with

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intestine is sacrificed and the mesentery is quickly

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ary fjecal extravasation to take place. Again: A small primary

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nitrogen the butter may be as hard as tallow and without

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tinct. opi. 15 m. is useful. A propos, reading before bedtime is apt, in the

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ground should be raised to carry off rapidly all surplus water, and

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communicable from the superior orders of animality to the in-

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mone, whatever this may be, are associated with changes in the C0 2

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largely upon the situation. When one is within easy ac-

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ease is more common in the human male than in the lower animals,

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by complete rest. According to Weil, latent tuberculosis, whether

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the back and the leg in question and held to the body and leg by

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well as dilatatwn by tents remain as contributions to our art

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the choice of apparatus depending on the type and site of fracture

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OCL 4.05%) and of exceedingly low alkalinity, (^ of 1%).