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among its worshippers." The world of thought glows with new brightness,

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2. Purulent Ophthalmia. — This ailment results from the gonococcus

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" Some physicians discourage the treatment of the discharge after re-

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and restore cerebral perfusion in patients with aneurysmal

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but was not then turned to practical account in the military

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''I then took up the drink question. The sale hours I fixed at from

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Next morning he was much worse. His pupils were remarkably con-

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typographical errors. Editorial changes which are made in

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viously ranged between eighteen and thirty ounces, began to diminish in

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ward, when the preparation is placed on a slide and under a

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aloes or rhubarb, and if necessary, a grain of calomel or blue pill. Should

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types, and that each of which have many varieties differing in

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noon session at 3 o'clock. Adjournment at 6 o'clock.

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1. An elderly priraipara, set. 35, who was admitted with hyperemesis

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fish and vegetables — of which latter, asparagus, celer}^ and

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resected. The cut ends are thoroughly disinfected and stuffed

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If the sore should again prove obstinate, the blister may be repeated, and if a