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to take care of horses. In the United States, the man who
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The substance is dark red, granular, and homogeneous, and its consistence
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elastic to the feel. On section the epididymis was found to be
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It ia doubtful if bismuth exerts any therapeutic action in tubercu-
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express our sense of mournful regret on the death of Sir William
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of them is to be compared in its efficiency with hemoglobin. They are
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exudates and necrotic material. Losses, from whatever cause, produce
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lirst is the retention of the seed, as the ancients speak, or of
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By F. J. PoYNTON, M.D., and H. Morriston Davies, F.E.C.H.
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in cases in which digitalis, strophanthus, and similar
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slightly improved, and eight were not at all improved.
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American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecolo-
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of life in the apparatus of vision. The cheek bones are heavy and very
atropine to dilate eye eye stays dilated
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I scarlet fever, measles, typhus fever, relapsing fever,
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ligature, which has so thoroughly revolutionized the
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small quantities may produce no appreciable effect, and larger quantities may
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field, Brockton, Chelsea and North Adams 1 each. From whoop-
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found that, after long standing, some change takes place which
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not become affected, neither do secondary symptoms follow.
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head and shoulders to elevnte them to a line with Ihe jjclvis. The bandages
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warden, &c. of the parishes of the applicants testifying as
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not reach flnid, althoaffh the tumour at that time extended to
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cessors a convenient handbook of reference, being compiled with
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Such is the established system recommended by agricul-
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The work of Cecil^ in this laboratory, however, conclusively dem-
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it in an oblique direction, many different visceral organs may be
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Dr. J. H. Sequeira said it was difficult to treat these rapidly spreading
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was found perfectly normal, as was its associated cen-
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scends. As the testicles descend, the peritoneum in the lower part
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organism derived from the blood and tissues of persons suff'ering from