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marked cases of diphtheria. Again, should such general

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She continued equal to her duties from the last men-

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should advise exsection of joints for acute synovitis, or a

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Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society ; and Dr. Babing-

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ment of the successor to the wise woman of Wing, who did a very

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First. An inflammation of the lymphatics, — such as

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codfish only two herrings a day, and estimate that he

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with their metatarsal bones, the cuboid, and os calcis;

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limited to the bladder or to the bladder and urethra, or

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agent for producing contraction of the natural pupil;

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received. Three mouths after this, I received a letter

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anents. In 1841, Sir H. Marsh (jj) exhibited to the

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" Serjeant Shee: Do you consider that the apphcation

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Prize for students of the second year, Mr. Milner M.

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maintains that in rare cases only has he gained any

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three hundred patients, which is probably in excess of

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Cork Medical Protective Association, the following in-

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the pains had been so violent, that the completion of the

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retaining the speculum until every chance of the adja-

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well as the blunt gorget to dilate it, and conduct the for-

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took six courses of mercury with quantities of iodide of

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the severed tissues ; and for this end should prevent any gliding of

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for the delivery of the following lectures respectively at

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of the success of laryngoscopic observations depending

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mencement of the second Summer Sessi^in — a Pupil will be admitted

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power — whose very existence is a humiliation to him,

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half of the right lower lid is shiny and of a slightly

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under the same treatment as the other cases for four