horse, but differs in that it has a gall-bladder resembling a pear

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themselves from rendering these services, except on account of

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all the more important and timely the new quarantine

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probably will be inaugurated against it in tinal disorders. Also that many of these

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much increased during inspiration or on movement; oppression and

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which has gradually increased up to the present time (Feb., '50), with slight

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the reverse took place, in still others they beat simultaneously. We

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saturated aqueous solution of caustic soda or potassium carbonate

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The proportions of the ingredients above mentioned may be varied to

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treated locally. Ureteritis was apt to affect both canals,

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produce a poison in the system known as the typho-toxin. Typhoid

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and will flow in a stre *m. This I have myself witne'^ed in a patient who

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of the delirium of pneumonia, especially by reason of its inhibitory influence

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consumers, it is pertinent to refer again to the agitation this inves-

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been described, as early as 1833, ^ France by Velpeau,

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hind them. They are thus supported while the intraventric-

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punctiform; the tongue has not the strawberry appearance; and

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members. The offences Jthat attach to it are crimes against so-

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woman who was operated on last year, and who had a great

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is sometimes also relieved by administration of opium and alcoholic

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had lost the sight of her right eye by melanosis. I admitted her into the

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gurgling, at lower half of right lung. There was less sound, generally, in

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parts of thyroid juice and glycerin, and a five-per-ceut.

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10. Ross : The Prevention of Malaria, Ed. 2, London, Murray.

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29. Medical Jurisprudence. By Alfred S. Taylor, M. D., F. R. S., &c.

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process ? We have had under our own care more than one case

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accompanying illustration of paralysis of the portio dura seems

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mamma, when the patient sat up : but even then, the natural

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eminent and ingei.ious Harvey, who, by observation, experi-

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Departments of Pathology and Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine.

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tional ; the changes in the valves and at the orifices necessarily modify

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status and any reactions to treatment, especially when that

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There were contusions on various parts of the head and face,

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treated by any plan involving the use of the knife or scissors.

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the rectal temperature was 108° F. In a few of the

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cases occurred usually in the earlier operations, and the failure was often owing, 1

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difference between a miliary tubercle and diffuse tuberculous infiltration lies in

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tice, and much less in public institutions, where the physical status in almost all

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sprouts, li ounces (gm. 42). For Dessert, may take jDlain rice i:)udding, junket,

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must present a diploma of graduation from a school of midwifery,

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fever. The examination of the eye-grounds may show tubercles of the

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tie parties " and ** military weddings " that might have occurred

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Larrey had been extensively known from the circulation of