injection such parts of the body as are not subject
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cancers at the tip dense scar tissue intervenes between the tumour
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" ' In a cancerous growth (says Prof. Bennett, in his recent and excellent
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medium increased slightly from day to day, and a soft clot was formed
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bear on the cause of suffering humanity a large and loving
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histories of the Jukes family, the tribe of Ben Ishmael, the
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fectly cured, exhibit the groundlessness of the fears entertained by some as
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lar attraction was that influenced him to leave kindred and friends
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traces of albumose are present mixed with the other coagulable proteids,
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tient Liquors withdrawn gradually, no limit on the amount necessary to
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in 1884, then I think we shall have been successful.
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Barrow, John, student of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
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occurs. This is known as the tncanlinencc of retention. It Diay ooctir aki in
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tages include the ability to create both distractive and
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streptococci, hitherto found in many of its lesions, has
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following transfusion, has not been explained. In Wagg-
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by the absorption of the bile into the blood. It is one of the most
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was produced. The bungarus was well and active on the 16th,
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proved. M. Mailhe, is of the opinion that when the iron, or its salts
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from fever at the end of a week ; the third after ten days ; and the weight of the
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Deux cas d'atrophie musculaire progressive avec lesions de la substance grise et
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in size than a pin-head, contains a cyst in which is
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("springende mydriasis"). Schaumann reports 11 cases o
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The application to the throat of compresses dipped in ice-water, and
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this treatment the pigs can be weaned at eight weeks old, when they are ready
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pregnancy thirteen years hefore ; there had been twins twice ; the menopause
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surgery, which grace my library, including the three
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(c) Occasionally the eyesight fails, the vision becomes hazy, and the pilot
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head of the metatarsal bone is so extensive, and the
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The quantity of urine passed was 40 to 50 oz. There ^vere no
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high authorities as to the value of an agent, what were men of
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cause of danger is venous congestion, systemic and pulmonary, and
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31. Semmler. — Ber. d. d. chem. Gesel., 1890, p. 1803.
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tumors of the bladder the treatment is only palliative. In
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cases the result was unsatisfactory, and in two the result was
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that the principle of its action is identical, in this case also, with
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Kxperts interested in the care of mothers and babies were
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Case II. Girl, 16 years, delicate, injured by being thrown from a car-
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ciation of Superintendents of Hospitals, New York, September
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nol compound, glycerine cotton-balls, and the medicated
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into the world unable to grow up into full intellectual and moral capacity ;
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tissue oLthe altered posterior column is slightly hypertrophied. Perhaps in