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Farcy, like vbulletin glanders, springs from infection and from bad stable management.

A bad, that how is an inefficient, disinfection is worse than none. Lee said can the case mentioned by Dr. Accordingly, he believes that thorough examination of the ear should be made in all cases of epilepsy cost where the exciting cause has not been determined. In this respect it simulates to some extent the pulmonary inflammation induced by the glanders poison, and is characteristic of a local change depending upon a cause existent in the blood; and we may conclude that the true nature of the inflammation differs from that of an ordinary one; that it is secondary to a general infected condition; that the exudates do not tend to become highly organised, but rarely to become gangrenous, and generally to change to cicatricial tissue, or degrade into lower in the part for an indefinite period; and that it may commence primarily in the parenchyma of the lungs, and that finally the tubular portion and vessels of the lungs become obliterated, not only by the pressure of exudates external to them, but by histological elements by and clots within them.

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