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without definite record in 1914. The question mark has been omitted in the

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operation well, lost no great quantity of blood, and

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Infection with coccidia has been rarely observed in man ; the liver

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columns, that, at a period previous to that which is generally

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thick, and may be in some places twenty times greater than normal;

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restored. This, as it seems to me, is the true philosophy of

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entire saviour of the whole world. I must be the owner of the whole thing.

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parative anatomy of the vertebrate brain. The remainder

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festival to the Sun-God, but grief was on all faces —

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on the Tth and 5th days. Mr Foaher found the fatal cases ter-

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specimens distributed by him (Mycotheca Italica, No. 986) previous

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of the column of urine is brought to the boiling-point. A comparison of this

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nated was for the observer but when it was desired to shut

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which is very important, as the disease chiefly impli-

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dollars from Dr. Charles W. Wilder, of Leominster, the

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it enters the teat; it can be dipped into the Carbolic solution just

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way seeds ; and when these are well mixed, add the eggs, which

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teric fever with regard to surgical interference; being a

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practice. Witzel exposes the sheath of the rectus by an

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diseases of the kidney and bladder. It was also used with advantage in

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needle passed through the end of theui would cause tliera to

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aid of potassium bromide, and a little put in a saucer of

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apartments with the poor, but receive rather better food.

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are one answer. The proof of this is the rapid growth

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oine, and literature,” says Professor Jacques Bar-

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key that had been experimented upon had died within ten

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position he then held before the world that procured him tlie chair he now

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alone and is of considerable extent, then wait — if the child

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As the process advances there is usually thickening of the synovial mem-

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from other large cities. In Berlin all physicians are presumed

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under a local anesthetic and saves the patient a great deal of misery.

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present system, that examination alone cannot be a sufficient

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another — at times in a Pullman car, and often with a liberally provided

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pole of proper size. The choice of currents was governed by

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lack of uniformity and modern methods. The last report of the

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(Medical Record, Vol. I. p. 303). The additional par-

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proposals for the destruction of impregnable fortresses and for-

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cal poisons, originates or is created. What know we of animal

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eoui plications of Bright's disease. Pleuritic etrusion and a'dema of iIh"

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think both are open to grave suspicion. There are examinations and examinations ; and

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endeavored to get up the articles, which he manufactures in the best form."

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