greater the action upon the blood or blood-making organs.

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time, no matter where or in what position he may be. Hence the danger

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disgust develops for fats a substitution-method of treatment consists in

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The term ammoniemia has been applied to that complexus of nervous

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physical exploration upon normal and abnormal subjects can scarcely fail to acquire a good

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it be a child, should be tilted forward during the operation, so as to allow

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Diagnosis. — Goiter is easily differentiated from other enlargements.

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be treated specifically. If there be present a rheumatic or gouty taint

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the leg and to the dorsum of the foot. Paralysis causes foot-drop and

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When the descending portion of the arch is affected the pressure is ex-

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Diagnosis. — In the presence of the above-mentioned symptoms the

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the gall-bladder and stomach are rare, though cases are recorded by

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gina pectoris, are among the principal features observed. Death may

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tis, and markedly so in uremia ; in organic liver-diseases, as acute yellow

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tory and the usual course of the affection that it is of microbic origin.

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(4) Roberts' nitric -magnesium test is also very delicate. It consists

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involuntary spasms of the abdominal muscle. I have repeatedly confirmed

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comparatively rare conditions in which congestion is produced by pres-

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An International System of Ophthalmic Practice. Edited by Walter H.

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(alcohol) tends to raise the blood-pressure above the normal point, and

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the patient continually falls from one convulsion into another, until one

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vomiting of pus and blood, in the course of an infectious disease, with

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edges of the gums opposite the lower incisor teeth, gradually spreading

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appreciated on bimanual palpation. Deep-seated tumors are not uncom-

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employed for the same reason. Pilocarpin has been recommended, and

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moistened in a solution of starch and dried) are used ; they are moist-

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urine — may give negative results, owing both to the scarcity of these

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results in complete cure. Among the structures disease of which is a

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caused a lifelong pallor, due to an interference with the normal process

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Pathology. — The morbid changes in hypertrophic rhinitis consist

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ous and dilated capillaries in the hepatic connective tissue ; they rarely

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the nephritides, in cachectic conditions, and especially in such diseases

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M. A. directory, there are over 20,000 practicing at the various specialties,

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agents with most telling and gratifying results without any pre-

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All the bones of the body are described in a synoptic manner, together

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current through the right ventricle. Among them may be mentioned —

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gradually induced stenosis of the rectum. At first there may be hem-