Postero-lateral Sclerosis, Combined, vol. v, p. 640

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its removal ; whereupon he said he would give five hun-

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semi-barbarianism, leading to poverty, discontent, superstition,

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apj>ear to have been the causative microorganism. In a still smaller group

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so it presents the peculiar feature of feeling A^ery light in the hand.

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me to ask this (piestion : Has the medical profemiion

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toxic than those due to infection with the Shiga-Kruse bacillus, but.

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are filled with pus. It occurs in those who have had the chicken pox, and

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malate, etc.) which are less ionizable than gelatin chloride (or hydro-

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for two or three days. Has not had spasms since. Leg

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tively easy of application with proper training, does not give the patient much

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this point is negative, for patients of pure European origin, born in

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of the trivalent cations on the reversal of the sign of charge and on

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they having all necessary facilities and experience for

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Serious and occasional fatal hypersensitivity (anaphylactic) reactions can occur with oral

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ball a horse, to do so the operator stands in front of his

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of temperament, has a psychotic tendency. From Central States.

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the five cells is 11.129, the standard deviation is ± .2037, and

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9. The excreted substance in one of the three cases seemed to be an

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the lungs were appreciably affected. The grayish nodules in the heart

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tion. This air contains somewhere about 5 per cent, of CO^,

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opposite face and arm. Obviously cortical irritation, not intra-cerebral abscess.

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simpler, and if the contents of the bladder are infective, especially

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Case 137.— Mr. E. T. B. (E. M. and W. S. 213101). Duration, six years.

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WliMi writinc Advertiser* please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine

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bacteria are killed, especially if the virus is exposed to ordinary summer

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with loss of power and perhaps anaesthesia of the opposite limbs and half

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female child born at term, and having an umbilical hernia. It was thought

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Syncope. — Syncope is not uncommon, and may be serious if in an old

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Chicago, 111., etc. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders. 1899.

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granules, to which the green colour has been ascribed, were found. This

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After small-pox, when all the scabs are off, espec-